The Vanguard Challenge
The Vanguard Challenge

The Vanguard Challenge

450 Front Street

The Vanguard Challenge

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The Vanguard Challenge


Calling all beauty and fashion professionals are you a visionary?


Welcome, to The Vanguard Challenge—an electrifying exhibition of your creativity and innovation! Join our fashion, makeup, hair, face, and photography challenge as we redefine the essence of Canadian fashion. Don't miss your chance—secure your place as a Tribute in this immersive experience!


Let your designs, beauty craftsmanship, and photography set the fashion and creative industry on fire in District X—a bold fusion of innovation and daring style inspired by The Hunger Games. The Fashion Police will be on the lookout to crown the evening's Victors. But that's not all! Winners will earn the coveted opportunity to claim the prestigious title of The Vanguard Talent of the Year, showcase at The Vanguard 2025, and more.


This isn't just a competition; it's your chance to revolutionize the industry and elevate your brand, captivate audiences, and make a difference—all while supporting the Rainbow Railroad and contributing to a brighter future for LGBTQ+ individuals facing persecution worldwide.


For further details and inquiries, please reach out to us at

before May 23, 2024.



- Outfit evaluated on the interpretation of the 2024 District X theme, craftsmanship, fashion-forwardness, and visual impact

- Creation must be presented on a live model

- Winners selected by Fashion Police and audience vote


The Face:

- Selection based on photogenic qualities and presentation

- Submit headshot to with name and application

- Live coaching provided at The Vanguard event

- Winners selected in front of a live audience vote


Makeup Artists:

- Makeup evaluated on the interpretation of District X theme, creativity, and visual impact

- Creation must be presented on a live model

- Winners selected by Fashion Police and audience vote


Hair Stylists:

- Hair creation evaluated on the interpretation of the 2024 District X theme, creativity, and visual impact

- Presentation on a live model during the event

- Winners selected by Fashion Police and audience vote



- Experience in fashion photography required

- Work evaluated based on creativity and captured moments

- Submit 30 to 50 of your best images within 3 days post-event

- Winners chosen by Vanguard's Fashion Police and Management


Fashion Police on site!


Introducing The Vanguard Fashion Police, your Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Handpicked industry pros and guardians of creativity, they ensure District X's integrity. As Tributes and guests enter, adhere to theme-appropriate dress or face consequences—no runners, jeans, or caps allowed!


Rules of Engagement


In the realm of creativity, rules are meant to be challenged, but guidelines ensure fair play. Tributes please review the following details to help with a smooth process:


- Application required

- Tributes should be 18+

- International Tributes welcome

- Tributes may enter up to three times maximum

- All sexes, ethnicities, sizes, and identities welcome

-Tributes must produce their own work

- Application closes May 31st

- Send in registration fee

 - Questions? e-mail, 


Victors will receive the following

1.     Award of Recognition

2.     2025 showcase opportunity at The Vanguard 2025 in Toronto

3.     Magazine highlight 

4.     Preferred vendor listing for The Vanguard 2025 and more


Registration Rates:

- $300 includes 1 challenge entry, 2 VIP passes

- $450 includes 2 challenge entries, 3 VIP passes

- $500 includes 3 challenge entries, 4 VIP passes

Note: All rates include a VIP pass for the contestants' entries/s as well as their model/s.

Contestants (Tributes) who enter 2 or 3 challenges, additional VIP passes will be allotted for each model accordingly.


May the odds be ever in your favor!


450 Front Street
450 Front Street , Toronto, ON M5V 0V2
Toronto, ON, Canada


Jun 23 2024 06:00 PM (EDT)
Jun 23 2024 11:00 PM (EDT)

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