• What do we do

     Why choose TheTicketPort.com? 

    TheTicketPort.com offers you a simple, hassle free service, ensuring that your event sells tickets to its full potential, through exposure to thousands of potential customers.

    Could it be any better than that?
    Our vision extends further than just connecting you to thousands of customers. With
    our wide array of marketing contacts, we aim to become the ultimate one stop
    ticketing and marketing shop. We market each event as if it were our own, offering
    our customers the most convenient methods of buying the event tickets.
    As our range of partners continues to grow, and our website becomes more and more
    popular, we will eventually become the number one choice for online ticketing. We
    aim to become the number one website that North Americans visit when planning
    their nights out.
    With the right blend of funky yet professional design layout, and the ease of use, our
    website makes it easy to navigate around the different events, making sure your
    customer can locate the biggest and hottest events happening in U.S and Canada

    3 Easy Steps...

    Choose Event Pay Securely with Debit or Credit Card Online E-ticket sent to email address


    When your customer purchases a ticket for your event through TheTicketPort, we
    ensure that they receive a highly secure electronic ticket. Their main concern is
    efficiency and security, and this is also our main priority. We want to create an easy
    and customer-friendly experience, when they visit our website, looking to buy tickets
    to your event. As well as guaranteeing a secure transaction to your customer, we
    offer you the guarantee that all e-tickets bought from TP, can not be replicated.
    On selected events, we can offer your customers the choice of a mobile-ticket. When
    the customer purchases a mobile-ticket, they will be sent an Email with full details of 
    the event, including a highly secure ticket number and barcode. This means that your
    customer does not need a printer; they take their phone to the event with them, and
    gain entry by showing the SMS to gain admission.